About Maxine

Maxine Walter is a Digital Artist whose work transforms the visible world, experimenting with form and colour to create vibrant stylised images.

Working from a studio in Wimborne Minster with the beautiful South Coast on her doorstep Maxine finds inspiration from the diversity of the great outdoors. With a background in fashion design & marketing and a career in the industry spanning over 20 years creativity has been a dominant feature and a driving force throughout her professional career.

Maxine’s artistic style has evolved in response to the complexities and frenetic pace of modern life. Driven to explore its direct contradiction, her work aims to describe the world in a simpler, less overwhelming and more balanced way.

Using a variety of digital techniques and carefully selected colour palettes each image is created using a combination of freehand digital drawing and Maxine's ever-increasing collection of research photographs.

The inherent characteristics of digital art afford complete flexibility when deciding on size and material for the final image. Printing onto aluminium allows images to be incorporated into outside spaces whilst the use of board, high quality papers and natural canvases ensures that every image fits perfectly into its chosen interior space.